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Acting & Performance Coaching

with award winning Director Tom O’Brien

About Tom

Acting Coaching

with Tom O’Brien

Are you getting the auditions, but not always the job or callback?

During my programs you’ll develop a process where you find joy, discovery and success with your new approach to self-taping & auditioning that gets you closer to those bookings!

I’ll work with you bespoke, finding a process that works for you and your focus on building on your strengths and removes weaknesses.

After working with me, you’ll have never felt so confident and proud sending off your self-tape or walking into your audition.

You’ll start to see the results in your career you only dreamed of!

My coaching programs are for actor’s who are wanting to transform & elevate their career so they become renowned, established & constantly in work.

I’ll also work with you to build a roadmap for your career.

My coaching is both career coaching & acting process coaching.

I’ll be:

  • on hand for character preparation & monthly accountability.
  • your sounding board for questions, frustrations & solutions to manage both your acting process & career.

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Hi, I'm tom

Acting & Performance Coach

I’m an Acting & Performance Coach & award winning director who trained at the National Theatre, London. Currently working in LA, London and New York.

I’ve worked as a director & acting coach all over the world, including the West End, Europe and Off-Broadway.

As a director and coach, I use techniques that have been passed down from the world’s top practitioners, to expand the actor’s imagination and take their acting skills to the next level.

Actors I have coached have used these techniques to book jobs in Hollywood, Broadway and the West End.

I work with clients based in New York, LA and Sydney and they can be seen in shows on Netflix, Hulu, HBOmax, Amazon Prime, ITV and the BBC.

I'm also a visiting lecturer at Arts Ed, Mountview and the National Film and Television School.

Tom O'Brien, Acting & Performance Coach

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Ibinabo Jack

Since working with Tom I have benefited from a newfound curiosity and attention to detail when approaching self tapes. I would recommend these sessions to anyone who wants to establish a process which serves them, to identify and break habits that may be hindering them, and/or to renew their approach to acting. Working with Tom is a joy – the sessions are tailored to my specific needs and on the day, I feel challenged, empowered and ready to apply what I’ve learned in my next self tape.

– Actor (London, UK)

Vera (ITV), Big Cook Little Cook (BBC), Dreamgirls (West End)

Maddie Rice

Tom has totally changed the way that I approach self taping and auditioning. He helped me find a route to the kind of playfulness and creativity that I find when I’m on stage so that I am enjoying the process rather than stressing! The preparation techniques that he’s given me have gotten me out of my head and now I am excited when I get to use them. I’ve booked a job and got a recall (both off tapes) since I started working with Tom and it’s definitely in part due to the work that we have done together. I could not recommend him enough!

– Actor (London, UK)

Fleabag (BBC), Genius (Riverstone Pictures), The Other One (BBC), Ten Percent (Amazon Prime)

Genesis Lynea

My most significant improvements after working with Tom were confidence, imagination and specificity of character and audition preparation. I would recommend these sessions to anyone. Any person who needs a reset. Any actor at any level. Anyone who wants to feel like they have a support system to work through techniques or choices for a character. My overall experience of working with Tom was consistent, eye opening and warming! It felt like all the worries and questions I’d usually have bundled up inside of me were afforded a safe outlet in Tom’s sessions. I’d say quite simply REJUVENATING.

– Actor (London, UK)

Anne of Cleaves in SIX the Musical (Original Cast), Silent Witness (BBC), Casualty (BBC)

Amy Louise Pemberton

Tom was incredibly open and I really enjoyed being part of that process and journey. I felt very supported and in turn very clear on what we were setting out to achieve with this particular character. I would work with him again in a heartbeat!

– Actor (Los Angeles, USA)

Gideon – Legends of Tomorrow (Warner Bros), Scorpion (CBS), The Laundromat (Netflix)

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Embodied process

Digital Acting Course

Acting and performance coaching online. This digital course is for the actor that needs control, clarity, practical tools and a process, to ensure their talents and instincts are at the forefront of their work.

With this course, you will find a deeper & more connected way into character.  You’ll feel liberated and more confident, because you’ll be performing at your best, excelling in auditions and working towards booking the roles you really want.

This is a 7 video program with downloadable worksheets. This course is an entry point for anyone wanting to learn Tom’s embodied process & discover how he gets actors out of their heads and into their bodies.

You’ll not only gain a blueprint for an efficient & in-depth way to access your character – you’ll go on a  journey of self-discovery, developing a deeper understanding of yourself and the human condition  & how we as individuals move about the world.

“I’ll teach you a simple yet powerful way to unpick text, break down a character & use that information to get into the body of the character & transform.”
– Tom O’Brien

This course will make you proactive, not reactive, in your preparation for auditions, rehearsals or filming.

Like many actors who’ve worked with Tom, you’ll start to notice the changes in your confidence, life & career after committing to this transformational course.

It’s time for you to take control!

Course Reviews

Embodied Process Digital Acting Course

James Park

Tom’s course provides very practical, easy-to-apply tools for your role study, character analysis and it helps to bring your interpretation to another level.

I’m so glad I had the chance to work with him and would warm-heartedly recommend this course to anyone in the show business, who wants to bring the game to the next level!

- Actor (Germany)

Tori Scott

This course is incredible. I used The Embodied Process to prepare for my first in-person audition in over 2 years.

I was able to walk into that room feeling so confident I actually had fun in an audition room. I had fun because I was able to really play! Oh, and I booked the job!

– Actor (USA, UK)

Jasmine Kerr

What a brilliant course! Tom’s warm and engaging tone provides a safe space to develop practical and applicable techniques, to build an authentic character.

I would definitely recommend this course to anyone wanting to boost confidence in their craft and up their game in a nourishing and motivating process!

- Actor (London, UK)

Craig Nash

This course is an invaluable tool for all actors. It’s so easy to forget to take time with scenes, especially when audition deadlines are tight. Tom’s whole process reminds us to take this time and invest in the process of building a character. We live in a society where everything needs to happen immediately, and it’s easy to bring this into our work. I feel so confident that applying these techniques will lead to more work and I wish I found this course sooner!

- Actor

Stephen Stallone Thomas

Often I find myself having to get into character really quickly, and it’s something that I’ve always struggled with. Tom’s Embodied Process Digital course enabled me to really slow down and channel my thought process.

The course is worth the investment and I would highly recommend. I will definitely be using the videos and digital course for casting and character preparation going forward.

- Actor