10 Tips for Building Confidence in Your Own Creativity

10 tips for building confidence
Date: 29 November 2021
Author: Tom O'Brien

10 tips for building confidence in your own creativity

Individuality has never been more powerful and employers are taking notice!!

Here are 10 tips on how to believe in your own unique story, how it can be applied to your career journey, and how to elevate your confidence, getting you closer to where you want to be!


1) No one has your unique set of experiences.

Identify the highlights. Find your story. Learn how to tell it!

2) Work out why?

Why do you do what you do?

Where does that come from?

That is what will keep you going in the hard times. When the money feels tight, or the self doubt rises.

Find your why and write it down.

3) Any good bit of feedback you get.

Keep it close and listen or read again and again. It’s not arrogant. The brain is wired to focus on the negative.

4) Write out your story.

What got you here? Or any moments in your life where you achieved something you were proud of.

What challenges have you overcome?

Highlight the most important step to get you in the job.

Use these prompts to help you!

  • Where were you 5 years ago?
  • Where were you 10 years ago?
  • Where were you 15 years ago?

This will help you see your story and the steps it took to get you here!

5) Investigate your beliefs.

For example

Job interviews are…

Is this true or a belief?

If “They are terrifying”, breathe and feel what the energy is in the body. Could that energy be transformed into excitement?

Creative people are… Geniuses, not me

Creative people are…

Write down the beliefs of the confident creative you want to be, creating your ALTER EGO! Your own Sacha Fierce! What beliefs would they have?

Life is…

People are

I am….

6) Say out loud to yourself

(then when you feel brave enough to others) what you really want!

Exercise. Imagine where you are doing that thing, how does it feel?

Then write down or draw it!

7) Remove any threats to confidence.

Prepare for any big event, interview or presentation. Get there early!

If you follow people on social media that don’t make you feel good, remove them or mute.

They won’t know but it’s important that you don’t let the actions of others throw you off your unique path!

8) Before an interview,

Before an interview, presentation or big event, get into the feel good factor.

Meet someone who makes you feel good, listen to your favourite song.

Dance! Get into the right vibe.

9) No-one has all the answers

Remember, no-one has all the answers, we’re all making it up and working it all out as we go!

10) Remind yourself, your people/audience wants to hear what you have to say!

Otherwise they wouldn’t be there. They want you to do well. They have invested their time in you!

If they are there to judge or criticise you then they’re not your people!


GUT CHECK on decision making!

Does it make you retract or does it make you expand?


Remember: Your mind lies, your body tells the truth.

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