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Hi, I’m tom

Acting & Performance Coach

Are you struggling with your self-tapes?

Want to find depth in your characters but you’re getting stuck in your head?

I can help you!

You’ll impress any casting director, creative or audience member with your confidence, connection to character & authentic performance.

I’ll identify what is getting in your way.

Let me help you reach your full creative potential!

“I’ll remove any blocks that are in your way & stopping you from taking your career to the next level.”

- Tom O'Brien

Acting and performance coaching


“He creates such an incredible, safe space for you as the actor to just try out different things and, you know, really play. He really is the most generous director I’ve ever worked with, and he can really get you out of your comfort zone.

Most recently, I auditioned for a Netflix film, and we had a couple of sessions online. And he really helped me with a sort of character background and hitting certain beats that I hadn’t thought about. And a few days ago, I actually found out that I booked the gig.”

Stephanie Siadatan, Actor (London, UK)

Vanessa, The School for Good & Evil (Netflix),  Silent Witness (BBC)

Coaching Programmes for Actors

with Tom O’Brien

Are you an actor who wants to transform your career so you become renowned, established & constantly in work?

During my bespoke 1:1 coaching programs you’ll develop a process where you find joy, discovery and success with your new approach to self- taping, auditioning or preparing for your roles.

I’ll work with you to build a roadmap for your career. Both career coaching & acting process coaching.

I’ll be on hand for character preparation & monthly accountability.

I’ll be your sounding board for questions, frustrations & solutions to manage both your acting process & career.

I use techniques and tools tried and tested, using my 10 years of experience of directing actors in the West End and all over the world and 16 years in the industry!

Are you an actor who is getting the auditions, but not always the job or callback?

Working with me you’ll develop a process where you find joy, discovery and success with your new approach to taping & auditioning. And more bookings!

I’ll work with you on finding a process that works for you and your strengths.

After working with me, you’ll have never felt so confident and proud sending off your self-tape or entering an audition.

Got a project coming up you need to bring your A-game to?

I provide coaching for clients preparing for roles on TV shows and movies for BBC, Amazon Prime, Netflix and both independent and Studio films.

Let’s discuss how I can help you transform and elevate your career!

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“I highly recommend working with Tom O’Brien if you have the opportunity. He is a master at what he does, and he will make you feel more than comfortable and prepared for your next audition.”

Tori Scott, Actor (NYC, USA)

The Cher Show, UK Tour, Upcoming – Better Nate Than Ever (Walt Disney Studios motion pictures)
Acting and Performance Coach


Coaching Programmes for Actors
Acting and performance coaching

“I came in with quite a negative outlook on things. And now I feel very positive about the way in which I approach things. He’s given me a whole toolbox of new techniques to approach self tapes with, and the opportunity to play and fail, which is something I don’t think we get enough of as actors now. We’re sort of expected to deliver immediately, and the opportunity to fail with Tom has been brilliant, because then you can have another go and another go and another go and eventually, you get it right.”

Tom Machell, Actor (London, UK)

Mary Anning & The Dinosaur Hunter (Feature Film), The Keeper (Parkland Entertainment)
Coaching Programmes for Actors

“Having recently booked my first TV gig, I owe Tom a huge thanks for giving me the self belief and confidence to say “I can get this role.

Sometimes as an actor, it’s hard to back yourself and have that self belief, and the classic British modesty is sitting on your shoulder, pulling you in. Tom allows you to truly believe in your capabilities and say ‘I deserve this job!’ I couldn’t recommend him enough and feel incredibly fortunate to call myself one of his clients!”

Craig Nash, Actor (London, UK)

Eastenders (BBC)
Coaching Programmes for Entrepreneurs
“I feel like I learned a huge amount, not just about my acting process, but also about my mentality and my mindset towards acting and towards the industry and auditioning and all sorts of things. I feel now in a much healthier place in my relationship with the industry, which is really a good place to be.”

Ben Tyler, Actor

The Book Of Morman (UK tour), The Phantom Of The Opera (West End), Les Miserables (West End)

“I really needed something to get my energy back, and to get my spark back, because it was gone. And honestly, working with Tom did the trick, the process that you do with Tom isn’t prescriptive, it’s not ABC, and then we do this, it’s really tailored to the individual.

And as it happened, as Tom did say, when you think positively and you know, it does come when you’re in the right frame of mind, and you’re working on yourself and you’re putting that effort into yourself, it does come fruitful because then I got an audition literally just after we finished.

I sent the self tape, got the part, didn’t need to do recall. And I’m convinced it’s because of the work Tom and I had done together. It has to be. I was just way more focused and ready to do it and feeling really prepared.”

Laura Dalgleish, Actor (Cardiff, UK)

Ordinary Lies (BBC), Call The Midwife, (BBC) Eastenders (BBC)
Coaching Programmes for Actors.


“I always feel so incredibly prepared and rooted within my character. You know, regardless of any premeditated choices that I’ve made, there is just that little bit of extra room to play. To play and be a little spontaneous, and for me, that’s always where the most interesting work comes from.”

Sianad Gregory, Actor (London, UK)

Celia – The Age of Tony (Sky), Mr Malcom’s list  (Bleecker Street/Universal Pictures), Shandy – In My Skin (BBC 3)

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Embodied process

Digital Acting Course

This digital course is for the actor that needs control, clarity, practical tools and a process, to ensure their talents and instincts are at the forefront of their work.

With this course, you will find a deeper & more connected way into character.  You’ll feel liberated and more confident, because you will be performing at your best, excelling in auditions and working towards booking the roles you really want.

This is a 6 video program with downloadable worksheets by Acting & Performance coach Tom O’Brien. 

"I'll teach you a simple yet powerful way to unpick text, break down a character & use that information to get into the body of the character & transform." - Tom O'Brien

This course is an entry point for anyone wanting to learn Tom’s embodied process & discover how he gets actors out of their heads and into their bodies.

You’ll not only gain a blueprint for an efficient & in-depth way to access your character - you’ll go on a  journey of self-discovery, developing a deeper understanding of yourself and the human condition  & how we as individuals move about the world.

This course will make you proactive, not reactive, in your preparation for auditions, rehearsals or filming.

Like many actors who’ve worked with Tom, you’ll start to notice the changes in your confidence, life & career after committing to this transformational course.

It’s time for you to take control!

Course Review

Embodied Process Digital Acting Course
Beth Granville

“As someone who did a Drama Degree at University, I’d always had massive insecurity about being a performer, alongside folk that trained at Drama school.

Going through Tom’s Embodied process when he Directed me in my play, Foiled, changed all of that.”

“​Despite having done a couple of professional jobs like Gavin and Stacey (BBC) and Stella (SKY), that I had booked through performing live comedy I’d written myself, I always felt I was winging it; using the performance skills I had and drawing on characters I had created myself to apply to roles I was auditioning for.

The Embodied Process essentially gave me a way to find the new characters the writing deserved time and time again.

While working on Foiled, it made my performance so robust I could take on any audience the Edinburgh fringe had to throw at me, and they threw a lot at me. (Not literally, we’d have kicked them out.)

The foolproof process just means that I never feel lost, daunted or that I’m winging it when I approach any new role now. And that feeling is invaluable!”

Beth Granville – Actor (UK)

Embodied Process Digital Acting Course