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Gain More Visibility as an Entrepreneur by Becoming a World Class Performer!
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  • Want to speak at more events but nerves holding you back?
  • Wish to go viral to spread your message?
  • Hope to gain more clients by telling them your story?
  • Are you stuck in differentiating your personal brand from other people doing the same work as you?

If you’re a yes to any of the above, get ready to develop your unshakeable confidence to get on stage and on camera in a way that stands out, sticks, and differentiates you from your competition. This is all done by leveraging your uniqueness!

Whether it’s a TEDtalk, webinar, podcast, online course or Zoom meeting, speaking on camera can be extremely uncomfortable.

Even the world’s most experienced actors & public speakers can be plagued by fear of making a mistake, not being clear, or even boring the audience they’re speaking to.

Licia Morelli

If you’re looking to get more engagement on your reels, have more impact in your next big meetings, and release any hesitation about speaking on stage or in front of groups, Tom is your man. Book with him today before he’s sold out.

– Writer & Marketing Strategist (Maine, USA​)

Chris Johnson

Never has it been more important to get connected with your voice and on-camera presence. After a 15 minute call with Tom, he completely changed my approach to approaching my on-camera presence. Not only did he give me actionable strategies, but he also helped me come across as more human while connecting with my audience on a whole new level that fostered trust and engagement.

– Physical therapist, Performance coach, multiple time Kona qualifier, and international Speaker (Seattle, USA)

Carmen Schreffler

The work I’ve done with Tom has helped me see myself more clearly as a business owner than any of the work I’ve done with other business coaches. Tom has helped me see my business with a new perspective that has been really powerful and I can tell it is going to be really pivotal!

–  Wildpreneur Marketing Strategist (Pennsylvania, USA)

Jed Schwalm

Tom walked me through connecting with my own inner resources while practicing standing in the anxiety zone in front of a big audience. Tom’s approach and masterful skills helped me successfully confront a public speaking gig the following week.

– Executive Director Atlantic Behavior Services, Inc. (Maine, USA)

Gracia Burns

Working with Tom was such a transformative experience. I was able to find parts of myself, of my personality, of my business, my way of communicating things, that I was not fully aware of. And they were inside, all along, of course, but I was blocking myself.

– Accent Coach (Austin, Texas USA)

Want to reach more people?

With over 10 years’ experience, I’ve been helping people. I’ve coached countless actors and creatives from self-tapes to press interviews. The same process works with entrepreneurs!

I’ve spent 16 years developing stories that have been performed from the West End to New York reaching 1000s of people.

I’ve also created devised plays from scratch by listening to people’s experiences, identifying the main points of interest and using those parts to tell an engaging and impactful story.

I can help you do the same!

As an entrepreneur, your business is more than what you work in. It is deeper than that.

If you want to reach more people, attract more clients and spread your message far and wide, you need to embody your message!

Why go with an acting coach?

Storytelling, confidence and presence are critical components to becoming a better and more profitable entrepreneur.

All of these are attributes actors have to develop.

When you join me for 1:1 coaching, by the end you will:

  • Feel a transformation in your confidence and have gained a greater understanding of your story so you can own it and share with your audience;
  • Be able to speak confidently and authentically about yourself and your business on camera, podcasts and in public;
  • Feel grounded, confident and secure when talking about yourself and your business so you have a memorable impact on the people you meet and inspire them to take action.

SIGN UP to get my FREE GUIDE: 3 Tips to Improve Your Storytelling!

Acting and Performance Coach

What’s your story?

Confidence & Performance Coaching

Is your company’s story compelling enough to get them there?

I work with entrepreneurs and business owners like you, helping to identify your individuality, enabling you to differentiate your brand & stand out when presenting to your clients & audiences both on camera and on stages.

Refining your story confidently is key.

This is where I come in…

No matter how much you believe in your business, products, services or ideas, if you’re not clear on your why the story structure & the best delivery style for you – it may take longer than it should to make a sale or get your ideal client on board.

My process will help you to be clear, professional & specific, whilst allowing your personality to shine at the forefront, so that you can present confidently & authentically, to your customers & clients.

Adela Mei

Working with Tom I was able to get even more comfortable in my body, and in front of the camera, and so now when I’m engaging with my clients, I’m even more confident and come across more professionally, I can hold the space better in the meeting, and we get better results and outcomes.

– Life Coach & Business Strategist (UK)

Christin Yu

I’ve suffered from performance anxiety, and Tom provided me with valuable exercises that helped me to focus without getting lost in the stress of performing. Our sessions remarkably changed the way I now approach public speaking. Tom was organised, professional, experienced, and importantly, he was empathetic.

– PhD researcher, Lecturer, cultural writer and print designer (London, UK)

Robin Rayner

Tom gave me some great tips on how and where to focus my attention and to let go, and speak freely, coming from a place of honesty. These sessions completely shifted and refocused my approach to not just public speaking, but also leadership, and leadership skills. It gave me much more confidence going into interviews and also zoom meetings, production meetings since.

– Executive Producer New Frame Production, Alyssa Edwards Memoirs of Queen (Vaudeville), West End Acoustic (Riverside Studios), Tori Scott (UK Tour)

Ellen Wyoming DeLoy

In working with Tom, I’ve had the joy of starting to realize, often in the hour or two just after a session, more clarity in how I need to be looking at the story I tell in my work, and how I can immediately apply new strategies to practice how I tell the story of my business as I continue to lean into it.

– Coach (Portland, USA)