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What’s your story?

If you want to engage your clients or customers, they need to go on a journey that will eventually lead them to a destination where they engage with your service or business. Is your company’s story compelling enough to get them there? Everyone has a story & I believe everyone is creative.

“I work with Entrepreneurs & Business owners. I teach storytelling structure & help identify their individuality which enables them to differentiate their brand & stand out when presenting to their clients & audience.” – Tom O’Brien

Working with someone to harness your creativity, refining the story, delivering it confidently is key. This is where I come in.

No matter how much you believe in your business, products, services or ideas, if you’re not clear on your WHY, the STORY STRUCTURE & the best DELIVERY STYLE for YOU – it may take longer than it should to make a sale or get your ideal client on board.

My process will help you to be clear, professional & specific, whilst allowing your personality to shine at the forefront, so that you can present confidently & authentically, to your customers & clients.

Acting and Performance Coach
Coaching Programmes for Entrepreneurs


“Never has it been more important to get connected with your voice and on-camera presence. As a healthcare professional, coach, and serial entrepreneur, it’s critical to communicate in a crystal clear manner about my advice and offerings.

After a 15 minute call with Tom, he completely changed my approach to approaching my on-camera presence. Not only did he give me actionable strategies, but he also helped me come across as more human while connecting with my audience on a whole new level that fostered trust and engagement.”

Chris Johnson – Physical therapist, Performance coach, multiple time Kona qualifier, and international Speaker (Seattle, USA)

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Acting and Performance Coach

Hi, I’m tom

Acting & Performance Coach

Are you stuck in differentiating your personal brand from other people doing the same work as you?

Looking for a way to stand out from the crowd? I can help you.

With experience of 10 years, I have been helping people tell their story in a way that stands out, sticks, and differentiates you from others.

Whether it is a webinar, podcast, online course or Zoom meeting – speaking on camera can be extremely uncomfortable.

Even the world’s most experienced actors & public speakers can be plagued by fear of making a mistake, not being clear or even boring the audience they’re speaking to.

I’ve coached countless actors and creatives from self-tapes to press interviews. The same process works with those who haven’t spent a lot of time in front of the camera.


“Working with Tom was such a transformative experience. I was able to find parts of myself, of my personality, of my business, my way of communicating things, that I was not fully aware of. And they were inside, all along, of course, but I was blocking myself. it’s one of the most amazing experiences that I’ve had and I am beyond excited that I had this opportunity, that I was able to work with Tom, to learn from Tom, to grow. And my business is thriving because I can fully be myself.”

Gracia Burns – Accent Coach (Austin, Texas USA)

Acting and Performance Coach

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Clearing the Clutter workshop

with Ellen Wyoming DeLoy

“I really enjoyed working with Tom and Ellen. Tom reminded me to play in my work through an exercise that I found really freeing and exciting. Ellen guided us through a beautiful and empowering visualisation and reminded me to look for the roots of my negative self talk. I made lots of notes in the session on fresh and valuable things to consider and work on. Tom and Ellen are a great team and, as a multi passionate creative, I’d definitely recommend working with them.”

- Holly Dale Spencer

Mindfulness Coach

“Tom is a dynamic and vibrant coach who knows his craft and has a knack for feeling and seeing what someone is struggling with and then kindly, compassionately, and also directly, giving the guidance they need to help themselves move forward.

In working with Tom, I’ve had the joy of starting to realize, often in the hour or two just after a session, more clarity in how I need to be looking at the story I tell in my work, and how I can immediately apply new strategies to practice how I tell the story of my business (my brand) as I continue to lean into it.”

Ellen Wyoming DeLoy, Portland, Oregon (USA)


“I’m a strategist and coach and all my work is online at the moment, and I wanted to really understand how to perform better to be able to engage better with my clients, to listen better, and really feel comfortable in my body and with my presence in my meetings.

Working with Tom through his one to one coaching, and also through his embodied process digital course, I was able to get even more comfortable in my body, and in front of the camera, and so now when I’m engaging with my clients, I’m even more confident and come across more professionally, I can hold the space better in the meeting, and we get better results and outcomes.”

Adela Mei, Coach & Strategist

case study

Coaching Programmes for Entrepreneurs

“My name is Robin Rayner and I am a theatre, live event and digital content producer. I’ve known and worked with Tom for a number of years, and have always been a huge fan of his passion, his creativity, and his ability to nurture and inspire brilliant performances as a director.

Over the last year, I have done far less public speaking than I would do normally, spending much more time on zoom. Now that the theatre world and the world as a whole is opening back up again, I was becoming increasingly nervous about getting back to it.

So I decided to work with Tom to focus on some preparation for radio, and also some upcoming on screen interviews.

Tom focused on the key talking points that I wanted to bring up, getting to the heart of what I want to say and helped me structure my potential answers. We also focused on the importance of storytelling. A beginning, middle and end, not just listing facts or key talking points, which is what I was doing. These weren’t exactly scripted, but it meant that I could clarify what information was important, what I really wanted to talk about, and the rest of it could kind of be pushed to one side.” 

“It just gave me the freedom to speak confidently and not second guess myself during these interviews.

He also gave me some great tips on how and where to focus my attention so that it was really specific. And also just to let go, and speak freely, coming from a place of honesty, which was much easier to do after I’d done all the preparation.

These sessions completely shifted and refocused my approach to not just public speaking, but also leadership, and leadership skills. It gave me much more confidence going into these interviews and also zoom meetings, production meetings since.

“The training that Tom offers I believe is crucial to developing skills that all successful business leaders, public speakers and performers need. We trust people that are passionate, that clearly know what they’re talking about and speak with confidence. These are all skills that Tom can really help with and support , he can does that in a really nurturing, supportive way.”

- Robin Rayner

West End Theatre Producer, Executive Producer New Frame Production, Alyssa Edwards Memoirs of Queen (Vaudeville), West End Acoustic (Riverside Studios), Tori Scott (UK Tour)


“It is a privilege and joy to work with Tom. He has a unique ability to instantly identify moments where the actor might not be fully connected or visualising enough. Through creating a safe space, Tom guides us to fully connect with and express the text’s creative world, transcending former performance levels. He is brilliant at working with multiple genres- from comedy to drama and even corporate. Tom’s generous, kind and insightful approach makes him the perfect coach for any performer.”

Alys Daroy – Theatre Producer (Sydney, Australia)

Doctorate in Shakespeare
Acting and Performance Online Coach