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Michelle Fahrenheim

“I was feeling pretty stuck before I started my sessions with Tom. I’m so glad that he was recommended to me. Working on mindset with him has been such an eye opening experience and I‘ve already seen some big shifts. His insight and guidance has helped me establish where I might be coming up against barriers and, most importantly, which of those I’m putting up myself. I feel like I’m back in the driving seat. He’s taught me to reframe the way I look at things which has helped me to find more confidence and courage to follow my instincts.

For anyone who’s feeling lost, frustrated or unsure about where to focus their energy, I would highly recommend getting in touch with Tom. He’s incredibly perceptive, so easy to talk to and a total delight to work with. I really looked forward to all of our sessions together and look forward to working together again very soon.”

Michelle Fahrenheim, Actor (London, UK)

Holly Fry

“Working with Tom has been an absolute joy, from start to finish. His nurturing, intuitive way of guiding you through the text and the character has definitely made me more confident in my approach to self taping and auditioning. It is less of a chore and something to get ‘perfect’ and more about the finding ‘play’ again. This shift has opened up a field of fun and imagination to my work that felt a little lost in me previously.

Tom has brought a lot of passion back to my craft, and I always look forward to working with him. My results have yielded more confidence and far more pleasure in my work. Before working with Tom, auditions were stressful; I was feeling the need to perfect it and get the lines down, which left little time for my character prep, which is crucial. My mindset is a lot calmer now to approaching a casting, I know I have a toolkit and a process to go back to time and time again.

During our time together, I was inundated with auditions. Tom is a truthful, instinctive coach who pours a lot of himself into the work, He is trusting, and so supportive. I relish the time we spent together in helping to make me a better actor, I couldn’t have asked for a better coach.?

Holly Fry, Actor (Cardiff, UK)

– Casualty (BBC Wales), LIKE/UNLIKE (BBC Wales), Best Secret Santa Ever (BBC Wales/BBC Sesh) and How Not to Date a Black Girl (BBC Quickies)
Michelle Fahrenheim

“I cannot understate how fulfilling my experience has been. Tom tailored and refined his approach quickly in our time to match me, creating an easy but strong connection. The supportive, nonjudgmental space he crafted really allowed our ideas and inspirations flow freely.

We took things back to almost a beginner’s mind state, Tom not letting any scrap of information be taken for granted as we picked over the script, materials, and resources. I’ve never felt so confident submitting an audition. And more than that, in the time since, I’ve been able to apply the techniques he taught me as well as the work we cultivated together.”

Kit Kindell, Actor (NYC)

“I really enjoyed my sessions working with Tom. I had been feeling slightly in a rut with my acting career, and it was great to have the opportunity to focus on what’s important in my process, preparing for auditions, and finding the joy in acting. I think that can get lost a bit in the day-to-day of waiting for castings to come through, and dealing with rejection, and Tom really helped to energise me and give my confidence a boost.

Before working with Tom, I felt I had a tendency to hold myself back, based on what others have said about me in the past, going right back to my training. It’s easy to fall into a path that’s actually been defined by others, when really I know that I am doing acting because I love it, and because it’s what I want to do – and that doesn’t necessarily have to be defined by other people’s perceptions. If I have confidence in my own abilities, that will also be reflected in how others see me.

I definitely feel a lot more confident in approaching a character or a script, including in my body. Tom’s Embodied Process has helped me create a better connection between my body and a character, leading to a more grounded and deeper performance. I’m looking forward to continuing to put this into practice, both when auditioning and beyond. I would definitely recommend these sessions to other actors who want to take more control of their career, or who are feeling at something of a plateau. It’s a financial investment, but at the same time, that’s an investment and a commitment to my own future – so I feel it has definitely been worth it.

I really enjoyed Tom’s down-to-Earth and friendly style, and I felt it meant we had a connection that helped to get the best out of me. The follow-up online sessions were also useful, and it was interesting to hear others’ experiences and thoughts on the process. I hope we can work together again in the future.

Tim Larkfield, Actor (London, UK)

Acting and Performance Coach

“He was incredibly open and I really enjoyed being part of that process and journey. I felt very supported by Tom and in turn very clear on what we were setting out to achieve with this particular character. I would work with him again in a heartbeat!”

Amy Louise Pemberton, Actor (Los Angeles, USA)

Gideon – Legends of Tomorrow (Warner Bros), Scorpion (CBS), The Laundromat (Netflix)
Acting and Performance Coach

“Tom has totally changed the way that I approach self taping and auditioning. He helped me find a route to the kind of playfulness and creativity that I find when I’m on stage so that I am enjoying the process rather than stressing! The preparation techniques that he’s given me have gotten me out of my head and now I am excited when I get to use them. I’ve booked a job and got a recall (both off tapes) since I started working with Tom and it’s definitely in part due to the work that we have done together. I could not recommend him enough!”

Maddie Rice, Actor (London)

Fleabag (BBC), Genius (Riverstone Pictures), The Other One (BBC)
Acting and Performance Coach

“Working with Tom was such a transformative experience. I was able to find parts of myself, of my personality, of my business, my way of communicating things, that I was not fully aware of. And they were inside, all along, of course, but I was blocking myself. it’s one of the most amazing experiences that I’ve had and I am beyond excited that I had this opportunity, that I was able to work with Tom, to learn from Tom, to grow. And my business is thriving because I can fully be myself.”

Gracia Burns, Accent Coach (Austin, Texas USA)

Acting and performance coaching


“He creates such an incredible, safe space for you as the actor to just try out different things and, you know, really play. He really is the most generous director I’ve ever worked with, and he can really get you out of your comfort zone.

Most recently, I auditioned for a Netflix film, and we had a couple of sessions online. And he really helped me with a sort of character background and hitting certain beats that I hadn’t thought about. And a few days ago, I actually found out that I booked the gig.”

Stephanie Siadatan, Actor (London, UK)

Vanessa, The School for Good & Evil (Netflix),  Silent Witness (BBC)
Acting and Performance Coach

“I absolutely loved working with Tom and cannot recommend him enough. He helped me get out of my head, build my confidence and fall back in love with acting. I felt like I always had a block and was lost with where to even begin with a script. I now have the tools and a process I can use to fully prepare getting into character and feel completely connected and embodied.

His sessions are encouraging, playful and leave you in such a positive mindset. I have felt a huge difference in my performance since my sessions with Tom, I’ve had 2 recalls and amazing feedback from my agents and casting directors which has definitely come from our work together. Tom’s coaching has led to huge breakthroughs for me and I feel so inspired and excited taking all I’ve learnt from him into my career. ”

Caitlin Gudaitis, Actor

Coaching Programmes for Entrepreneurs

“Tom worked with me over the course of a few months to get really clear on my voice, my brand strategy, my messaging, and really ‘The Germ’ as he calls it of like, what it is that I do.

The opportunity to work with someone so deeply on my actual journey, and my story, that got me to where I am today, and then figure out how to convey it to other people, was powerful.

I highly recommend Tom. He does all that and more. He’s looking at so many different facets of what a person is working on, including the very practical of like, how are you presenting on camera, which of course for the actors he works with is critical, but for business owners like me, also critical since everything is so online these days.”

Ellen Wyoming DeLoy, Entreprenuer (US)

Acting and Performance Coach

“Tom works in a truly unique way that takes into consideration my experience as an actor, my career goals and my personality/energy. It’s holistic, practical and personal. Tom’s coaching sessions have been a totally safe, supportive space to try something new or out of my comfort zone and to challenge my perspectives.

Since working with Tom my confidence has improved tenfold. I’ve just had one ‘eureka’ moment after another, resulting in booking three jobs in the space of two months, after being stuck in a rut of self sabotage. My approach to auditions has completely changed and I finally have the tools to feel grounded and use nerves to serve me in the audition room.

I’d recommend coaching sessions with Tom without hesitation. Honestly – don’t walk, run!”

Eleanor Walsh, Actor (London, UK)

Arianna Galletti

“I worked with Tom for about three months. He created such a positive environment for me, totally judgment-free, and put me in a healthy mindset, which massively helped me overcome my personal struggles and achieve my goals. Before starting working together, I wasn’t in a great mental space, mainly due to the frustration of not getting enough auditions and work, and I could feel a shift in my mindset throughout the process.

I also gained extra confidence and self awareness, and I feel I gained an unshakable acting method that I can apply to every script I need to work on in a simple, straightforward way. I would recommend working with him to every actor who wants to take their career to the next level, wants to refine their crafts and needs help with shifting their mindset onto a healthier space.

The whole experience felt really great, was helpful and positive by all means, couldn’t be happier!”

Arianna Galletti, Actor, London & Italy

Acting and performance coaching

“I came in with quite a negative outlook on things. And now I feel very positive about the way in which I approach things. He’s given me a whole toolbox of new techniques to approach self tapes with, and the opportunity to play and fail, which is something I don’t think we get enough of as actors now. We’re sort of expected to deliver immediately, and the opportunity to fail with Tom has been brilliant, because then you can have another go and another go and another go and eventually, you get it right.”

Tom Machell, Actor (London, UK)

Mary Anning & The Dinosaur Hunter (Feature Film), The Keeper (Parkland Entertainment)
Acting and performance coaching

“Having recently booked my first TV gig, I owe Tom a huge thanks for giving me the self belief and confidence to say “I can get this role.

Sometimes as an actor, it’s hard to back yourself and have that self belief, and the classic British modesty is sitting on your shoulder, pulling you in. Tom allows you to truly believe in your capabilities and say ‘I deserve this job!’ I couldn’t recommend him enough and feel incredibly fortunate to call myself one of his clients!”

Craig Nash, Actor (London, UK)

Eastenders (BBC)
Acting and performance coaching

“Tom has not only changed the way I work as an actor, he has fundamentally changed the way I feel about being an actor! In the safety of the space he creates, I have deconstructed toxic beliefs I’ve held on to since drama school, delved deeper into material than I have in years, and adopted a new process that consistently works.

Before working with Tom, I approached auditioning solely on guessing what the production team wanted, rendering my own creativity irrelevant. Tom gave me the tools to put my heart back into my work and perform in a way that is meaningful to me while grounded in the world of the character.

I have never felt so calm and prepared walking into an audition as I have since working with Tom. He has given me something I didn’t realise I lost long ago: the joy of acting.”

Niko Kaim, Actor (USA, UK)

Working with Tom was just what I needed! He brought an amazing energy to each session and was always so invested I never once felt he was watching the clock. When he coaches, he gives you everything and he really cares. His coaching goes beyond just the self tape though. He’ll help you with mindset too, and let’s face it, we all need help with that!

Most of all he reminded me to ENJOY my self-tapes. So often we get an opportunity and no matter how cool you think you are (and I thought I was pretty chill) there’s an element of urgency, as in you just want to get it done as quickly as possible. He reminded me to take a breathe and take the time I need as an artist. I enjoy my self -tapes so much more now.

It’s an opportunity to put some of my unique creativity out in the world. His direction is spot on, and it is so good to have someone to run different takes by and help choose the best. We put so much pressure on ourselves but Tom helps you take that pressure off so you can perform at your best.

Anna Ruben, Actor  (UK/USA)

The Power (Amazon Prime Video), Andor (Disney), Sex Education (Netflix)
The Power (Amazon Prime Video), Andor (Disney), Sex Education (Netflix)

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Abigail Rosser

“Having had a break from acting while having kids, I was filled with self doubt and anxiety every time a self tape request came in. In the time I’ve been away, self tapes have gone from a rarity, to the norm and my reaction to them has been all panic, no process – how am I meant to do this with two kids in the house? Look how awful I look! How am I meant to tape this with my partner who isn’t an actor etc.

Working with Tom has allowed me to re-discover my process, introduce me to new approaches and remind me why I loved being an actor in the first place.

He has helped me switch my mindset from ‘self tape is a nightmare’ to ‘self tape makes this easier’ by giving me tools to let me focus on the work rather than how I look on the tape, taking me out of my head and into the work. The process he has facilitated me to develop, has allowed me to release my self doubt and has reignited my confidence.
Wherever you are in your career, I recommend Tom so very highly.”

Abigail Rosser, Actor, (London, UK)

Acting and Performance Online Coach

“It is a privilege and joy to work with Tom. He has a unique ability to instantly identify moments where the actor might not be fully connected or visualising enough. Through creating a safe space, Tom guides us to fully connect with and express the text’s creative world, transcending former performance levels. He is brilliant at working with multiple genres- from comedy to drama and even corporate. Tom’s generous, kind and insightful approach makes him the perfect coach for any performer.”

Alys Daroy, Theatre Producer (Sydney, Australia)

Doctorate in Shakespeare
Acting and Performance Coach

“Tom’s session kind of changed my life. He really tailors the sessions around you and what you need. He’s really interested in your process, and how we can complement that process, how we can make it better, how we can find, how you can both find the joy in it again.”

François Pandolfo, Cardiff, Wales

Quintas, Dr Who (BBC), Casualty (BBC), Eastenders (BBC)


“I highly recommend working with Tom O’Brien if you have the opportunity. He is a master at what he does, and he will make you feel more than comfortable and prepared for your next audition.”

Tori Scott, Actor (NYC, USA)

Upcoming – Better Nate Than Ever (Walt Disney Studios motion pictures)
Embodied Process Digital Acting Course

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Coaching Programmes for Entrepreneurs
“I feel like I learned a huge amount, not just about my acting process, but also about my mentality and my mindset towards acting and towards the industry and auditioning and all sorts of things. I feel now in a much healthier place in my relationship with the industry, which is really a good place to be.”

Ben Tyler, Actor

The Book Of Morman (UK tour), The Phantom Of The Opera (West End), Les Miserables (West End)
Acting and Performance Coach

“Tom is a fantastic director and coach. He has a wealth of experience and knows how to work with his actors in a comfortable and motivating way to bring out the best performance in each individual. I cannot recommend him enough.”

Danny Mahoney, Actor

Afterglow (Southwark Playhouse), Florence Foster Jenkins (20th Century Fox), The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (Fox Searchlight Pictures)
Coaching Programmes for Actors

“His process with character development is something I will continue to take forward in all my jobs. And the in depth evaluation on script is something every musical theatre performer can use to their best advantage! I couldn’t recommend Tom enough for any actor looking to improve their audition technique or even prepare a new script / performance!”

Jon Reynolds, Actor

9-5, Kinky Boots, Miss Saigon West End


“I work as an executive director of a day treatment program for children with major emotional and behavioral disorders. Public speaking, teaching, and presenting go with my role, something that I have historically avoided due to faint-inducing anxiety that comes with standing in front of an audience.

Given how much I care about this field, and helping people (kids and adults) be the best, most empowered versions of themselves, I am committed to honing this public speaking craft: Enter Tom O-Brien!

In one session, Tom walked me through connecting with my own inner resources while practicing standing in the anxiety zone in front of a big audience. Tom’s approach and masterful skills helped me successfully confront (with my empowered resources at the ready) a public speaking gig the following week.

I have no doubt that working with Tom will lead to a more authentic, empowered YOU in any performance capacity that comes your way.”

Jed Schwalm M.Ed, BCBA, Executive Director Atlantic Behavior Services, Inc. (Maine, USA)

Embodied Process Digital Acting Course
Coaching Programmes for Actors

“I really needed something to get my energy back, and to get my spark back, because it was gone. And honestly, working with Tom did the trick, the process that you do with Tom isn’t prescriptive, it’s not ABC, and then we do this, it’s really tailored to the individual.

And as it happened, as Tom did say, when you think positively and you know, it does come when you’re in the right frame of mind, and you’re working on yourself and you’re putting that effort into yourself, it does come fruitful because then I got an audition literally just after we finished.

I sent the self tape, got the part, didn’t need to do recall. And I’m convinced it’s because of the work Tom and I had done together. It has to be. I was just way more focused and ready to do it and feeling really prepared.”

Laura Dalgleish, Actor (Cardiff, UK)

Ordinary Lies (BBC), Call The Midwife, (BBC) Eastenders (BBC)
Acting and Performance Coach

“I really enjoyed my sessions with Tom. Reason being, that he made the work environment such a comfortable place to be, where I could explore the text without fear of judgment. Not only this, but he helped solidify what I already learned at drama school, and paired those exercises with some new exercises that I can now add to my actor’s toolbox. Lastly, the fact that Tom works holistically means that each session is directly catered towards you. So if you’re looking for somebody that will take the time to get to know you, learn with you, and really push your boundaries, then I definitely would pick Tom as your next acting coach.”

Jayda, Mountview Graduate 2020

Alana Wallis

“I will start by saying, Tom’s energy is so beautiful. Before even the session starts, like you feel so calm, because he just has the most amazing energy. So thank you for that.

At the moment there’s so many self tapes coming in, with so many deadlines, and prepping for a lot of stuff at the same time, so I was finding that my technique sometimes was going out of the window a bit. But he really helps you hone back in on what you need to be doing, like nailing the self tape, right?

I took so many pages and pages of notes within the session. He gave me so many more techniques and little tips that I didn’t have already. I mean, going back looking through my notes, and then just applying them on my self tapes, and all the tapes that I had since I had my session with him, I’ve been getting records for. Zoom recalls. So it works. It works. ”

Alana Wallis, Actor (UK)