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Ibinabo Jack

Since working with Tom I have benefited from a newfound curiosity and attention to detail when approaching self tapes. I would recommend these sessions to anyone who wants to establish a process which serves them, to identify and break habits that may be hindering them, and/or to renew their approach to acting.

Working with Tom is a joy – the sessions are tailored to my specific needs and on the day, I feel challenged, empowered and ready to apply what I’ve learned in my next self tape.

– Actor (London, UK)

Vera (ITV), Big Cook Little Cook (BBC), Dreamgirls (West End)

Holly Fry

Tom has brought a lot of passion back to my craft, and I always look forward to working with him. My results have yielded more confidence and far more pleasure in my work. Before working with Tom, auditions were stressful; I was feeling the need to perfect it and get the lines down, which left little time for my character prep, which is crucial. My mindset is a lot calmer now to approaching a casting, I know I have a toolkit and a process to go back to time and time again.

– Actor (Cardiff, UK)

Casualty (BBC Wales), LIKE/UNLIKE (BBC Wales), Best Secret Santa Ever (BBC Wales/BBC Sesh) and How Not to Date a Black Girl (BBC Quickies)

Ellen Wyoming DeLoy

Tom worked with me over the course of a few months to get really clear on my voice, my brand strategy, my messaging, and really ‘The Germ’ as he calls it of like, what it is that I do.

The opportunity to work with someone so deeply on my actual journey, and my story, that got me to where I am today, and then figure out how to convey it to other people, was powerful.

– Coach (Portland, USA)

Danny Mahoney

Tom is a fantastic director and coach. He has a wealth of experience and knows how to work with his actors in a comfortable and motivating way to bring out the best performance in each individual. I cannot recommend him enough.

– Actor

Afterglow (Southwark Playhouse), Florence Foster Jenkins (20th Century Fox), The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (Fox Searchlight Pictures), Ernst Ludvig – Cabaret at the Kit Kat Klub (West End)

Amy Louise Pemberton

He was incredibly open and I really enjoyed being part of that process and journey. I felt very supported by Tom and in turn very clear on what we were setting out to achieve with this particular character. I would work with him again in a heartbeat!

– Actor (Los Angeles, USA)

Gideon – Legends of Tomorrow (Warner Bros), Scorpion (CBS), The Laundromat (Netflix)

Tom Price

I was introduced to Tom just after lockdown. It was a really testing time – self tapes had completely taken over and all the creative spark and process of being an auditioning actor was extinguished. I feel incredibly lucky to have met and started working with Tom at this point. His intuition, instincts, connection and positivity are enough to help you re-discover old strengths and most importantly develop new ones.

I absolutely love working with Tom. His process, humour, joy and ambition help you feel renewed and most importantly as if you’re taking positive action for yourself in an incredibly challenging industry.

– Actor (London, UK)

Torchwood BBC, Secret Diary of a Call Girl ITV

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Stephanie Siadatan

He creates such an incredible, safe space for you as the actor to just try out different things and, you know, really play. He really is the most generous director I’ve ever worked with, and he can really get you out of your comfort zone.

I auditioned for a Netflix film, and we had a couple of sessions online. And he really helped me with a sort of character background and hitting certain beats that I hadn’t thought about. I booked the gig.

– Actor (London, UK)

Vanessa, The School for Good & Evil (Netflix), Silent Witness (BBC)

Georgia Reid Hamilton

Castings since working with Tom have been completely different. The recalls are happening, and I feel much more confident in who I am as an actor and what I have to offer than before. I am a great believer in timing, so whilst the stars align for me, I’ll continue to work with the fire that Tom helped to reignite in me to keep going and believe in myself. I remember in a coaching session I had a breakthrough working on a character with a technique that Tom introduced me to, and I said it was like magic and that’s what working with Tom is like, truly magical!

– Actor (London, UK)

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again (Universal Pictures)

Eleanor Walsh

Tom works in a truly unique way. Since working with him my confidence has improved tenfold. I’ve just had one ‘eureka’ moment after another, resulting in booking three jobs in the space of two months, after being stuck in a rut of self sabotage.

My approach to auditions has completely changed and I finally have the tools to feel grounded and use nerves to serve me in the audition room. I’d recommend coaching sessions with Tom without hesitation. Honestly – don’t walk, run!

– Actor (London, UK)

Heathers (UK Tour), The Rocky Horror Show (European Tour)

Ben Tyler

I feel like I learned a huge amount, not just about my acting process, but also about my mentality and my mindset towards acting and towards the industry and auditioning and all sorts of things. I feel now in a much healthier place in my relationship with the industry, which is really a good place to be.

– Actor

The Book Of Morman (UK tour), The Phantom Of The Opera (West End), Les Miserables (West End)

Jon Reynolds

His process with character development is something I will continue to take forward in all my jobs. And the in depth evaluation on script is something every musical theatre performer can use to their best advantage! I couldn’t recommend Tom enough for any actor looking to improve their audition technique or even prepare a new script / performance!

– Actor

Sunset Boulevard, Back to The Future, 9-5 The Musical, Kinky Boots The Musical, Miss Saigon (West End)

Maddie Rice

Tom has totally changed the way that I approach self taping and auditioning. He helped me find a route to the kind of playfulness and creativity that I find when I’m on stage so that I am enjoying the process rather than stressing! I’ve booked a job and got a recall (both off tapes) since I started working with Tom and it’s definitely in part due to the work that we have done together. I could not recommend him enough!

– Actor (London)

Fleabag (BBC), Genius (Riverstone Pictures), The Other One (BBC), Ten Percent (Amazon)

Acting and performance coaching

“I came in with quite a negative outlook on things. And now I feel very positive about the way in which I approach things. He’s given me a whole toolbox of new techniques to approach self tapes with, and the opportunity to play and fail, which is something I don’t think we get enough of as actors now.

We’re sort of expected to deliver immediately, and the opportunity to fail with Tom has been brilliant, because then you can have another go and another go and another go and eventually, you get it right.”

Tom Machell, Actor (London, UK)

Mary Anning & The Dinosaur Hunter (Feature Film), The Keeper (Parkland Entertainment)
Acting and performance coaching

“Having had a break from acting while having kids, I was filled with self doubt and anxiety every time a self tape request came in. Working with Tom has allowed me to re-discover my process, introduce me to new approaches and remind me why I loved being an actor in the first place.

He has helped me switch my mindset from ‘self tape is a nightmare’ to ‘self tape makes this easier’ by giving me tools to let me focus on the work rather than how I look on the tape, taking me out of my head and into the work. The process he has facilitated me to develop, has allowed me to release my self doubt and has reignited my confidence.”

Abigail Rosser, Actor (London, UK)

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (West End), Funny Girl (Chichester)
Acting and performance coaching

“Tom has not only changed the way I work as an actor, he has fundamentally changed the way I feel about being an actor! He gave me the tools to put my heart back into my work and perform in a way that is meaningful to me while grounded in the world of the character.

I have never felt so calm and prepared walking into an audition as I have since working with Tom. He has given me something I didn’t realise I lost long ago: the joy of acting.”

Niko Kaim, Actor (USA, UK)

Madagascar the Musical (US & International Tour), King for a Day (Queen’s Theatre, London)

Jai McDowall

Working with Tom I learned how to look at a text and not freak out about the prep work needed to bring a character to life.

My approach to acting before was reading a script and trying to play it the way I thought other people would expect, whereas now, I will look at a piece of text and work out how I would bring this character to life.

What has improved since working with Tom is…Belief in myself as an actor. Confidence to sink my teeth into any character. Gaining the tools to really embody a character and not just play it on a surface level.

I would recommend these sessions to EVERYONE. We ALL need Tom in our lives.

– Scotland, UK


Jed Schwalm

Public speaking, teaching, and presenting go with my role, something that I have historically avoided due to faint-inducing anxiety that comes with standing in front of an audience.

In one session, Tom walked me through connecting with my own inner resources while practicing standing in the anxiety zone in front of a big audience. Tom’s approach and masterful skills helped me successfully confront a public speaking gig the following week.

– Maine, USA

Executive Director Atlantic Behavior Services, Inc. (Maine, USA)

Craig Nash

Having recently booked my first TV gig, I owe Tom a huge thanks for giving me the self belief and confidence to say “I can get this role.

Sometimes as an actor, it’s hard to back yourself and have that self belief, and the classic British modesty is sitting on your shoulder, pulling you in. Tom allows you to truly believe in your capabilities and say ‘I deserve this job!’ I couldn’t recommend him enough and feel incredibly fortunate to call myself one of his clients!

– Actor (London, UK)

Eastenders (BBC)

Alys Daroy

It is a privilege and joy to work with Tom. He has a unique ability to instantly identify moments where the actor might not be fully connected or visualising enough. Through creating a safe space, Tom guides us to fully connect with and express the text’s creative world, transcending former performance levels.

He is brilliant at working with multiple genres- from comedy to drama and even corporate. Tom’s generous, kind and insightful approach makes him the perfect coach for any performer.

– Theatre Producer (Sydney, Australia)

Doctorate in Shakespeare

François Pandolfo

Tom’s session kind of changed my life. He really tailors the sessions around you and what you need. He’s really interested in your process, and how we can complement that process, how we can make it better, how we can find, how you can both find the joy in it again.

– Actor (Cardiff, Wales)

Quintas, Dr Who (BBC), Casualty (BBC), Eastenders (BBC)

Gracia Burns

Working with Tom was such a transformative experience. I was able to find parts of myself, of my personality, of my business, my way of communicating things, that I was not fully aware of. And they were inside, all along, of course, but I was blocking myself. it’s one of the most amazing experiences that I’ve had and I am beyond excited that I had this opportunity, that I was able to work with Tom, to learn from Tom, to grow. And my business is thriving because I can fully be myself.

– Accent Coach (Austin, Texas USA)

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Coaching Programmes for Actors

“I really needed something to get my energy back, and to get my spark back, because it was gone. And honestly, working with Tom did the trick, the process that you do with Tom isn’t prescriptive, it’s not ABC, and then we do this, it’s really tailored to the individual.

I got an audition literally just after we finished. I sent the self tape, got the part, didn’t need to do recall. And I’m convinced it’s because of the work Tom and I had done together. It has to be. I was just way more focused and ready to do it and feeling really prepared.”

Laura Dalgleish, Actor (Cardiff, UK)

Ordinary Lies (BBC), Call The Midwife, (BBC) Eastenders (BBC)
Acting and Performance Coach

“I really enjoyed my sessions with Tom. Reason being, that he made the work environment such a comfortable place to be, where I could explore the text without fear of judgment. Not only this, but he helped solidify what I already learned at drama school, and paired those exercises with some new exercises that I can now add to my actor’s toolbox. Lastly, the fact that Tom works holistically means that each session is directly catered towards you. So if you’re looking for somebody that will take the time to get to know you, learn with you, and really push your boundaries, then I definitely would pick Tom as your next acting coach.”

Jayda, Mountview Graduate 2020

Megan Grace

” A lot of the insecurities I had regarding my acting and my talents were squashed after my sessions with Tom. Not only is he a patient teacher but he knows how to verbalize what I’m feeling even when I couldn’t quite figure it out myself.

Before working with Tom I had trouble connecting with my characters quickly for auditions and was unable to get to the root of who they were but now I feel as if I can slide them on like a glove and take them off when I am finished.

I would say my three most significant improvements are locating the heart of the character with mind mapping, life events, and locating their germ. This has added a dimension to my characters that did not exist before. It has taken them from surface level to a deep rooted area.”

Megan Grace, Actor (Texas, USA)

Sianad Gregory

I always feel so incredibly prepared and rooted within my character. You know, regardless of any premeditated choices that I’ve made, there is just that little bit of extra room to play.

To play and be a little spontaneous, and for me, that’s always where the most interesting work comes from.

– Actor (London, UK)

Celia – The Age of Tony (Sky), Mr Malcom’s list  (Bleecker Street/Universal Pictures), Shandy – In My Skin (BBC 3)

Genesis Lynea

My most significant improvements after working with Tom were confidence, imagination and specificity of character and audition preparation. I would recommend these sessions to anyone. Any person who needs a reset. Any actor at any level. Anyone who wants to feel like they have a support system to work through techniques or choices for a character. 

My overall experience of working with Tom was consistent, eye opening and warming! It felt like all the worries and questions I’d usually have bundled up inside of me were afforded a safe outlet in Tom’s sessions. I’d say quite simply REJUVENATING.

– Actor (London, UK)

Anne of Cleaves in SIX the Musical (Original Cast), Silent Witness (BBC), Casualty (BBC)

Juliana Dever

Tom is the coach you want if you want to feel like you’re ‘winning’ again! Tom’s holistic approach to coaching was exactly what I needed at this stage of my career. His sessions are a joy rather than a painful slog through frustrations and self-recriminations.

Tom genuinely cares for actors in a way I haven’t experienced before. His willingness to hold space for you to break through the self-doubt and internalized defeat that come with years of being in a tough industry is so refreshing. It felt like a dam finally burst inside of me, unleashing all of the joy and fearlessness I started with.

Tom’s kindness and expert guidance moves you beyond ‘getting it right.’ When you work with him you stop trying to be perfect and go back to bringing your unique you-ness to the role. You get back to that feeling of harnessing messy, gorgeous humanity in your performance and it’s so exhilarating – you can’t wait for the next job!

– Actor (LA)

Castle (ABC),Scandal (ABC) and 9-1-1 (Fox)

Naomi Booker

Working with Tom is just truly a joy. Every session is so incredibly motivating, it would set me up for the most incredible week; pushing ahead with a clear goal. Instantly Tom makes all of his sessions such a safe space to try anything, be honest and make mistakes. I really couldn’t speak higher of a person, his passion, his knowledge and his genuine care for his clients is amazing. I have never felt more supported by a mentor. He is fantastic!

– Acting Graduate (London, UK)