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Embodied Process Digital Course

by Tom O’Brien



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Do you always feel in your head when filming a self-tape and never really embodying the character you are playing?


Do you struggle making bold choices for an audition or self-tape and end up feeling like you’ve wasted an opportunity?


Is being unprepared for an audition getting in the way of you showing the full range of your talents?


Are you looking for a blueprint for your character work to free up more of your time and energy for your actual performance?

As an actor, I’m sure you want to feel connected and liberated when playing a character no matter what, right?

This is all understandable. Especially after the big change in the world which has left many actors feeling a little lost and insecure. It doesn’t have to be that way. You’re probably an actor that thrives from being in a room with other actors.

Not being in those rooms for sometime mostly likely has taken its toll. It did for me too. But when I started to embrace the power of using technology and our own spaces (my kitchen) to be creative and imaginative. (Just like when I was kid).

Don’t worry, you’ve not lost it. You still have your instincts, you may just need to change your approach.

Your instincts are a brilliant asset, but they’ll only get you so far, so when time is tight or a character is a tough one to get beneath the skins of, you’re going to need some help.

A reliable process you can call upon anytime to get feeling confident, prepared and connected to the character you’re playing!

This course will give you a detailed, specific and thorough process for you to get into character and impress any audition panel, casting director or audience with your detailed transformation.

Ever watch a performance from an actor and you just don’t know how they did it?

Actors that are working consistently or that give powerful performances in the TV and Films you love, they don’t have a magical power. They just have a process they can call upon to get the connection they need to really embody the character!

To book the jobs and play the roles you really want to play, this course will give you the tools you need to see more confidence, transformation and results!

I’ve been working with actors for 10 years and I’ve seen performances that were moving, honest and powerful just from using the techniques used in this course.


Welcome to my embodied process digital course!

This course will give you:


A toolkit to help you get out of your head and into your body, so you're always performing a character from inside out and connecting truthfully.


Instant access to recorded coaching, from Tom O'Brien, coach and director with 10 years of experience.


Techniques handed down directly from Stanislavski via some of the most important acting practitioners in the world.


Techniques that will boost your confidence, and help you become a better actor and learn more about yourself as a human.


Lessons you can return to and access anywhere when you need to get into the body of a character at short notice.


A digital guide giving you a solid foundation for your character work and a jumping off point for any audition, rehearsal period or film shoot.

Who’s this course for?

Acting and Performance Coach


This digital course is for any actor, from student to experienced performer, who wants to deepen their process to ensure their talents and instincts are at the forefront of their work.

Acting and Performance Coach


For entrepreneurs who want to connect with their body, understand how their beliefs show up in the body and find more confidence in their presenting and public speaking.

Acting and Performance Coach


For teachers and acting coaches who work with actors and want to learn powerful techniques to get the best from the actors and students that they work with.

“He has given me something I didn’t realise I lost long ago: the joy of acting.”

Niko Kaim – Actor (USA, UK)

Acting and performance coaching digital course

Course Overview

Course contains 7 lessons 

Total course run time: Currently 1 hour

Lesson 1: Introduction

An introduction to my journey as a director and practitioner, and how I came to create my embodied process.

Lesson 2: Thinking In Pictures and Impressions.

Through the exercise ‘Thinking in Pictures and Impressions’ I’ll show you how just by focusing slowly on words and the images they create you can start to expand your imagination and find a deeper connection to text.

Lesson 3: The Generalised Core Beliefs.
In this video we will look at ‘beliefs’. The beliefs about people and the world that exist within you as a person.
Lesson 4: Physicalising Beliefs.
We’ll do a grounding exercise and I’ll take you through how we physicalise these beliefs and physically find, what we call ‘The Germ’.
Lesson 5: Identifying the Character’s Beliefs.
In this video we’ll take the beliefs exercise learnt in the previous video, apply it to character and delve into some text to discover key information about the character.
Lesson 6: Physicalising Character Beliefs.

Next we’ll revisit the physicalising of beliefs and finding ‘The Germ’, this time for your chosen character and text.

Lesson 7: Consolidation.

In our final video we’ll consolidate everything we’ve learnt throughout the embodied process digital course.

Meet Tom O’Brien

Tom O’Brien is a coach and director with 10 years of experience.

He trained as a director at the National Theatre London, and has worked in the West End, Off-broadway and throughout Europe, with actors such Dylan Llewellyn (Derry Girls), Derek Jacobi & Raven Symone.

Clients have seen transformation in their process and significant change in the form of job bookings after working with Tom.

He was incredibly open and I really enjoyed being part of that process and journey. I felt very supported by Tom and in turn very clear on what we were setting out to achieve with this particular character. I would work with him again in a heartbeat!
Amy Louise Pemberton

Gideon – Legends of Tomorrow (Warner Bros), Scorpion (CBS), The Laundromat (Netflix)

Acting and Performance Coach


Acting and Performance Coaching Digital Course

“Tom was especially helpful with audition technique because I needed to find out how I could connect with the characters, become the characters I want to become, when you’ve only just got the script, and you’ve got 24 hours or 48 hours to film it.”

Fergal Cloughlan, Actor (London, UK)

“I had the absolute privilege of working with Tom O’Brien for a recent self-tape audition I did. He is a master at what he does, and he will make you feel more than comfortable and prepared for your next audition.”

Tori Scott, Actor (NYC, USA)

“The fact that Tom works holistically means that each session is directly catered towards you. So if you’re looking for somebody that will take the time to get to know you, learn with you, and really push your boundaries, then I definitely would pick Tom as your next acting coach.”

Jayda, Actor (London, UK)

Find out how working with Tom will elevate you to a leading role in your industry, positioning yourself amongst the best storytellers in the world.

Testimonial Reel

Also included with the course:

Workbook downloads


Bonus Checklist

Lifetime access to the course

Important Notes:


The practices and tools in this course have been handed down for generations by work renowned practitioners.


No refunds will be issued as I’m confident the content will be beneficial for any actor wanting to expand their tool box.


If you experience any technical issues when purchasing the course, please contact:


Do I have access to the full course when purchased?
The course can be accessed completely and will be available to you as long the course is up.
Can I get private sessions with Tom?

If you purchase the course during the first launch and complete the course you will receive a 1 hour coaching session with Tom.

Do you have to complete the course within a certain time frame?
Not at all. You’ll need to do the course in order and complete each lesson before you move on to the next session. But you will be able to move through the course as slowly or as quickly as you wish.
Will there be live sessions during the course?
The course content is 7 videos of recorded coaching and exercise lead by Tom there won’t be any live sessions as the course is on going and not time specific. But there will be opportunities to learn about Tom’s online workshops and coaching programs.
Do you offer a Student Discount?

Yes, if you are a student or graduate (within 2 years) you’ll receive a 50% discount off the full course price. Contact info@tom-obrien.com with your name, details of the education establishment you are in and what year you will/previously graduate/graduated. You’ll then receive a Coupon code which you can use for the discount at the time of purchase.

Do you offer refunds?

The practices and tools in this course have been handed down for generations by work renowned practitioners. No refunds will be issued as I’m confident the content will be beneficial for any actor wanting to expand their tool box.

Do you have to be a professional actor to do this course?
Not at all. Whilst Tom coaches and directs actors who are professionals and work in TV, Film in the West End and Broadway, the exercises are accessible to anyone with an interest in acting, drama including teachers of drama for young people.

The tools in this course are also applicable to Entrepreneurs looking to build their confidence, storytelling and presentational skills.

What do I do if I need technical support during the course?

If you experience any technical issues when purchasing the course, please contact info@tom-obrien.com


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  1. Adela (verified owner)

    I just watched the first lesson and I’m already feeling more confident! Tom’s style is friendly and he inspires creativity!

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