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Acting and Performance Coach
Date: 4 October 2022
Author: Tom O'Brien

Confidence is something that needs to be constantly worked on especially when you’re speaking in public!

There isn’t a magic pill you can take that solves all your confidence issues (I wish there were)!

So what happens when you’ve worked on your confidence, feeling ready to take on a new role or that big presentation or audition or interview and then something happens that throws you off course?

Maybe you read a post on social media of a peer doing really well.

Perhaps you hear that a competitor has got an opportunity that you’d love​.

Unfortunately you get a rejection email out of the blue for a job or prospect you forgotten about just before an interview or audition

You’re probably going to spiral, you’re human after all!

No matter how much work you’ve done on building your confidence in your public speaking, there are times when knocks are gonna come at you by surprise and throw you into a whirlpool of insecurity, questioning and self-doubt.

So how can you avoid external factors getting in the way of your unshakeable confidence?


What do I mean by this?

Some examples…

That instinct to check social media.

Lack of preparation

Leaving it last last minute to get your appointment or audition

Talking to family members or friends that trigger or wind you up when you’re already nervous.

Watching the news on a day of a big audition of interview (the world is a lot right now, and your nervous system doesn’t need this).

I don’t believe in ‘Toxic Positivity’ or ignoring negative or difficult emotions. ​This only leads to them coming up and biting you later, but I do believe when you are in a period of WORKING on your confidence for your public speaking or about to do something like record a video, present a speech or go to an audition, you HAVE to be in a positive state of being.

So remove ANYTHING that could potentially effect that!

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