Why acting coaching online is better than in person!

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Date: 11 November 2021
Author: Tom O'Brien

Why acting coaching online is better than in person!


Okay, let’s take the heat out of that statement…I’ll reframe this…acting coaching online CAN be better than in person.

I’ve spent 10 years of my life working in theatre, directing & coaching actors on their performances, developing a process to get every actor & student I work with into the body of the character they’re playing!

Influenced by my dance training and my passion for text, I’ve used many methods and practices including; Active Analysis, Michael Chekhov technique, Meisner and Stanislavski as part of my quest to sharpen my craft and ensure that the results of my direction, teaching and coaching are truthful, connected, spontaneous and immediate performances from the actors I work with.

Being in a room with an actor it is very easy to spot where you might not be connecting quite truthfully enough, or visualising clearly. I’d like to say it is one of my main strengths as a coach.

When the world turned upside down and suddenly my laptop became my only portal to work with actors, like everyone else I had to adapt, this included my process!


‘The art of life lies in a constant readjustment to our surroundings.”
Kakuzo Okakura
These questions came up…

Can I help and nurture great performances when not in the same room as the actor?

Will my physical exercises for example, using the beliefs of the character and creating the pictures the character is seeing have the same impact?

How do I create a safe space for the actors to go beyond themselves beyond their limitations when I wasn’t in the same room?


I grabbed on to my experiences working in the West End, training at the National Theatre & working with 100s of actors & lot’s of learning from some of the world’s top practitioners I’ve been lucky to learn from and TRY this all online!

There is a saying in the UK “the proof is in the pudding”.

Well, the pudding has turned out to be very delicious. Actors I have coached have all seen transformation in their careers in terms of job bookings, call backs and finding the joy again in their acting (something many actors lost during the pandemic).

I’m proud of this and proud of the brave actors I’ve coached.

“He has given me something I didn’t realise I lost long ago: the joy of acting.”
Niko Kaim – Actor (USA, UK)


Some benefits that have come out of acting coaching online..

Self-tapes are the new reality and casting directors and directors (even for theatre) are seeing actors through screens and pixelated. If I’m seeing what the casting team will be seeing I can pick up on the details that I may miss if I’m in the room with them.

Time efficiency. Where before, myself and the actor would have to travel to get to a place to work together and a lot of energy, time and money would be spent just getting to the space, now there can be more energy for the session. And flexibility too.

The actor is in their own environment so they have even more safety to explore part of themselves that being in a rehearsal space can prevent.

Working with actors all over the world, I have done throughout my career, cultures coming together is what keeps us sharp. Coaching online means I can access more actors and more actors can access my coaching from anywhere in the world.

I have clients in London, Wales, Scotland, Austria, Portland, Texas, New York, LA, Sydney and New Zealand. I can literally travel to all these places in one day. This would never have been possible before!

Actors benefit from learning different processes and teachings outside of their immediate environments and I can provide that now.

I’ll be going to LA next year to meet more US based actors and coaching in person will be something I do a lot more of.

But you know what’s even more great? I can still take my clients with me. I can be of service and help them with a last minute self-tape and seem succeed in their careers no matter where I am!

As I said, the Actors I coach are seeing results in terms of call backs and job bookings whilst working with me or immediately afterwards.
Netflix Series to West End shows, independent films to Hollywood features.

It’s a privilege to prepare actors and help them to elevate their acting skills to the next level from my Laptop and encourage them to find autonomy in their process and career with mindset coaching and career strategy.

There is such scarcity created in this industry, a myth that success comes from luck.

In my experience that isn’t true. Whilst some people are more fortunate than others and have resources many don’t have, I do believe that focussing your energy, attention and beliefs on what’s important for your growth and working out a process to deliver a high level of performance to get the results every time is completely possible!


I’m here to help YOU get there with my acting coaching!


I love teaching embodiment, but the juiciest part my acting coaching is when I get to prep actors for a role and that’s why I created the Embodied Process Digital course.

I want any actor, anywhere in the world, to have access to the system that has seen transformative changes for my clients.

Getting you out of your head and into the body of the character is key. This step by step guide to get you easily into character, quickly giving your audience a truthful, authentic and connected performance, is a click away.


Check out the course here!


I can’t wait to meet more actors and entrepreneurs (who I’m now working with to differentiate themselves by tapping into their own story and bringing their uniqueness to the forefront of their business, and bringing that confidently to their audiences!)..

This new world feels unpredictable, slightly scary but also full of opportunities.

I’m excited and curious what will happen in the next year for my clients and myself as we embrace the digital possibilities together and make our creative dreams a reality!



Here are 3 Actions as actors you can take now to get you closer to where you want to be!

1) Reach out to one person in your life who makes you feel you can do anything. Tell them your big career dream of yours. Ideally an agent or manager, or someone who can help you get closer to your dream. Can’t think of anyone? Try a friend for now!

2) Read a play or a film script that has a character in it you dream to play. Do the character prep on it. Imagine you are playing the role. When you eventually get that role you’ll be very prepared!

3) Journal for 3 pages as your future self when you reach that big career dream. How do you feel? Who are you with? What’s your day to day like?




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