How to Be Confident on Camera – 3 Easy Steps for Entrepreneurs

How to be confident on camera.
Date: 15 June 2023
Author: Tom O'Brien

How to Be Confident on Camera – 3 Easy Steps for Entrepreneurs

How to be confident on camera.

Are you a business owner or entrepreneur that’s terrified of speaking to camera?

Well, you’re not alone. I coach so many entrepreneurs who feel the same, but also professional actors who feel the same too. They’ve just found the right tools, techniques, and tricks to help them feel more confident when performing to camera. As an acting and performance coach, I work with lots of people like you to remove those fears of speaking to camera so you can reach more people, gain more clients, and make more money.

Here are three steps on how to be confident on camera.

We consume so much content now through our smartphones, computers, on social media, that there really is a pressure to perform brilliantly and speak confidently in this new digital world. We want you to get to a place where you feel like it’s second nature and that you are not judging yourself or being hypercritical.

So don’t go there. Don’t go there judgy-judger.

You need to be kind to yourself, and most importantly, enjoy the process. Here we go.

Step 1

Step one, visualize who you are speaking to. If you’re speaking to camera to promote a product or service, you want to pick one person you are directing this at, so you might want to think of your ideal clients or your ideal customer or audience. Pick one person and visualize them. If you’re struggling to visualize them, maybe you could pick a family member or a friend or a partner, someone you feel so comfortable speaking to that when you think about them, you’re going to instantly feel good, you’re going to instantly feel confident. You could maybe put a picture of them next to the camera so that when you’re speaking you feel really, really great. Then the focus goes onto the audience and not you. Less scary, right?

Step 2

Step two, create the right atmosphere before you start shooting. Music can be really useful for this. If you’ve got a product or a service that you want people to feel good about. You need to feel really good when you are talking about it. So, you want to create the right atmosphere, and you could maybe have a dance before you start shooting. Obviously you don’t want to exhaust yourself or get too sweaty, you want to look really good, but by dancing or moving your body, you’re going to get out of your head, into your body, and you’re just going to feel really great. It can also help set the tone of the video you want to shoot.

For example, if I’m wanting to create a more upbeat feel or pumped feel in my videos, I’ll have a dance to share. If I’m maybe going for something more serious or more reflective, I’ll put on some Joni Mitchell. Either way, thinking about how you feel and the atmosphere you create is going to bring a more impactful video and one that’s going to engage your audience.

Step 3

Step three, shoot three to five takes before watching any footage back. By the third take, you’ll be much more confident and relaxed, and you’ll also be ready to be objective when you watch that footage back. You might want to make changes once you’ve watched it, but watching the takes too early on can really throw you into your head and make you feel insecure. This is my fifth take, and most actors will take three to four to five takes before they nail the performance. Allow yourself time to make mistakes.

I hope you found this video useful.

Now go and apply these three steps before you record any piece of content.

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