Want some Acting tips? Start with getting playful!

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Date: 21 February 2022
Author: Tom O'Brien

How did you act as a kid?

When you had nothing, no acting tips from a coach or teacher!


Okay, you might’ve had a few toys as co-stars or a busy carpet to be the stepping stones over the lava lake.


But if you were like me, you didn’t have much, just a big imagination!


As a child, being present, creating the world & immersing yourself in it felt easy & natural.


So why is it so hard now?


I think of the NEVER FOOD scene in the film Hook!


When an adult Peter (played by Robin William) who’d lost the tool of using his imagination, however when he tried really hard, he remembered how to do it… He remembered how to imagine!

It’s different for everyone, but adulting, overthinking, the inner critic, & lack of PLAY TIME can stop you doing what is natural.




Your aim as an actor is to be spontaneous, in the moment & reactive, you want to be present, right?


Being immersed & playing in your world will help that.


Some actors when self-taping aren’t giving themselves enough play time. Is that you?


I get it, there is a lot to think about, but CREATING & BUILDING THE WORLD world is essential. Make your imagination work for you!


Luckily when taping at home you can do things to help.  Make TIME before to create a world for your character to be in.


Thinking back to when you were a kid, what did you do, how did you do it? What did you use?


I spoke with my mentor recently, she used to play with a stick & make potions out of flowers, playing for hours, immersed!


Now that would have been interesting to watch. That would have been good acting. Present, imaginative play!


That’s all it is, right?

This is why it is one of my main acting tips!


Making room to physically play and get imaginative will mean you don’t feel exposed or stuck in your head when making videos or self-tapes.


Want more Acting tips and advice on how to make your acting process more alive, enjoyable and see the results pay off in your career?  



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