Christin Yu – PhD Researcher & Lecturer

Christin Yu
Date: 19 December 2022
Author: Tom O'Brien

When I first approached Tom about working with me, I was new to lecturing, and quite nervous about speaking in front of large audiences. I’ve suffered from performance anxiety, and new opportunities for public speaking usually filled me with incredible dread. I spoke to Tom about my career ambitions.

I work in academia, and lecturing is an important aspect of my job. In past experiences, my nerves left me with a mind that often blanked out when processing thoughts on stage. As a result, I have been unable to improvise, or move off script. I know that public speaking is a practice that will get better with experience, but working with Tom allowed me to build confidence in my own abilities.

Conversing openly about my anxieties, and locating them through body work practices helped me to ground myself in preparation for speaking. Tom provided me with valuable exercises and a program that helped me to focus on the lecture itself, without getting lost in the stress of performing.

Our sessions remarkably changed the way I now approach public speaking. I have developed a valuable toolkit for understanding and processing my anxieties.

I would recommend this for lecturers, business managers, entrepreneurs, presenters – anyone who needs to speak in front of large audiences as part of their career. These sessions will help you focus your communication and perform to the best of your potential.

Tom was organised, professional, experienced, and importantly, he was empathetic. After my first lecture, I already feel more confident in my own abilities. Thank you!

Christin Yu (London)

PhD researcher, lecturer, cultural writer and print designer.


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