Robin Rayner – West End Theatre Producer

Robin Rayner
Date: 19 November 2022
Author: Tom O'Brien

My name is Robin Rayner and I am a theatre, live event and digital content producer. I’ve known and worked with Tom for a number of years, and have always been a huge fan of his passion, his creativity, and his ability to nurture and inspire brilliant performances as a director.

Over the last year, I have done far less public speaking than I would do normally, spending much more time on zoom. Now that the theatre world and the world as a whole is opening back up again, I was becoming increasingly nervous about getting back to it.

So I decided to work with Tom to focus on some preparation for radio, and also some upcoming on screen interviews.
Tom focused on the key talking points that I wanted to bring up, getting to the heart of what I want to say and helped me structure my potential answers.

We also focused on the importance of storytelling. A beginning, middle and end, not just listing facts or key talking points, which is what I was doing. These weren’t exactly scripted, but it meant that I could clarify what information was important, what I really wanted to talk about, and the rest of it could kind of be pushed to one side. It just gave me the freedom to speak confidently and not second guess myself during these interviews.

He also gave me some great tips on how and where to focus my attention so that it was really specific. And also just to let go, and speak freely, coming from a place of honesty, which was much easier to do after I’d done all the preparation.

These sessions completely shifted and refocused my approach to not just public speaking, but also leadership, and leadership skills. It gave me much more confidence going into these interviews and also zoom meetings, production meetings since.

The training that Tom offers I believe is crucial to developing skills that all successful business leaders, public speakers and performers need. We trust people that are passionate, that clearly know what they’re talking about and speak with confidence. These are all skills that Tom can really help with and support , he can does that in a really nurturing, supportive way.

Robin Rayner, West End Theatre Producer, Executive Producer New Frame Production

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